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Our experts have

We have collected 4 services on one platform

The issue of payment has been resolved

The clients from anywhere in the world can pay for your services online, with a Visa/MasterCard

Or Apple Pay/Google Pay

Make appointments with your clients at a convenient time, and the money is debited 24 hours before the session starts and credited to your card.

Manage your calendar from one location.

Connect yourGoogle Calendar with Meclee and receive recordings directly to your smartphone. By changing your free time in the app on your phone, it will automatically change on the website.

Reviews and feedback

After 1 session and every 5 sessions, we ask the client to evaluate their condition and progress in therapy. Only clients who have paid for the service through the website can write a review.

Develop your personal brand

Write expert articles and publish them on Meclee. The built-in editor will provide free recommendations on how to improve the text. And we will optimize them in accordance with Google's quality standards and promote them to the TOP.

How to start the therapy

Fill in the form

In answering the questions, please tell us about yourself and your experience in practice. We highly appreciate the activity in research and recommendations from colleagues. Please attach a photo of your diplomas and we will be happy to schedule an interview after a successful check.

Take an interview

It usually takes 5-7 days to verify the data in the application form. After that, we will schedule a time for a video interview.

Start working

Forget about routine and focus on your profession