About us

Meclee is a service of professional care and support for people and companies, that need the help of qualified psychologists and psychotherapists. You can get a consultation from anywhere and with any psychological request. Our mission: to contribute to the growth of the happiness index in the countries of our presence.

Our team


Maksim Kuzmenko

Co-founder & CEO

Everything is in our heads. If you keep it clean, you'll have a good business and personal life, and we call such people happy. Psychology is the knowledge to create clarity in all areas of life. Using it, I have defined my meanings in my career: 1. To work on a socially useful and meaningful project. 2. To be happy doing my job. This is easy when your job is to help others become happier. 3. To create a successful international IT company. At the intersection of these meanings, the idea to create a tool to keep your head clean, Meclee, arose. Our priorities are: a) effective psychological assistance b) client safety c) service based on trust and care


Andriy Bon

Co-founder & CTO

Few people think that the IT industry is associated with high levels of stress. That is why IT professionals often face professional burnout. You don't think about it until it affects you a few years into your career. Faced with professional burnout, I realized the importance of psychological support in the modern world. It rarely happens that a software developer sees the results of his or her work. We can automate complex business processes, but my main value at Meclee is when boring technical work helps strangers find a psychologist and feel relief.


Irina Boner

Chief Therapist

For me, it is important that psychotherapeutic assistance is effective and qualified. And for clients to have a stable healthy psyche and a decent standard of living. That is why we choose high-level specialists to ensure that our clients are safe and receive high-quality psychological assistance. I am glad to be a part of this great project. Because Meclee is a quality platform that helps people choose a specialist using a special built-in algorithm. The team is young and progressive, we are constantly improving and adapting the platform to the needs of our clients.