Psychological support for employees

Happy employees make 13% more sales than sad colleagues.

Happy employees have 10 times less sick leave.

On average, labor productivity increases by 19%.

What tasks does a corporate psychologist solve in an organization

You can hire a specialist in staff, but it is much more profitable to use the services as needed.

A consulting psychologist in an organization performs the following tasks:

  • Training sessions, workshops
  • Conducting psychological counseling for employees on personal issues;
  • Peaceful resolution of conflicts and misunderstandings within the team and their further prevention;
  • Tracking the psychological state of staff, preventing emotional burnout

Employees are much more productive if there is a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Why invest in the mental well-being of employees

Certain western business trends are gradually moving to Ukraine. This is most noticeable in the work of IT companies. One of the important changes is the online corporate psychologist for employees. The introduction of practices and programs aimed at maintaining the mental health of the team helps, make work more productive and environmentally friendly.

Corporate psychotherapy

In the United States, corporate therapy is a common practice in companies where employees work in highly stressful situations (traders, computer application developers, police officers, etc.). The functions of a corporate psychologist include:

  • audit of the psychological state of employees;
  • individual sessions with a psychologist;
  • consultations with senior managers on the psychological climate in the office;

In Ukraine, progressive employers have been offering psychological counseling to their employees as part of their well-being programs for several years. At the same time, complete confidentiality is a mandatory requirement as part of the psychotherapist's contract with the company.

Why an online service and not an in staff psychologist?

Taking care of employees' mental well-being is more attractive to employees. After all, such a system guarantees 100% anonymity and other advantages:

  • professional selection of psychologists;
  • a separate psychologist for each employee's request;
  • the ability to choose a specialist according to your own criteria;
  • greater trust in the specialist due to a higher level of confidentiality;

A mentally healthy person is a better employee and makes it easier to maintain a positive team environment, which means higher performance and profits. The importance of investing in the mental well-being of employees should be obvious to every Ukrainian businessman.

Questions and answers

How to explain the value of psychotherapy to employees?
How to calculate the cost per consultation?
What mechanisms are in place to control the services provided?
Is it enough for our large group of psychotherapists?
Is everything that happens in the session confidential?
What payment and compensation options are available?

Why choose us

Even after comparing all the offers on the market

We work professionally

  • We carefully select psychologists
  • We guarantee quality and safety, and all specialists have signed confidentiality agreements
  • Based on your request, we will select an individual option for cooperation.

Communicate with a specialist in a convenient location

Communication with your personal psychologist takes place in your personal account via video or chat. Works on all devices. No need to install additional programs.

Easily record, remind, and reschedule sessions

  • We remind the specialist of the session an hour before it starts
  • If an specialist's plans change, they can cancel or reschedule a session in their personal account without consulting a psychologist

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