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Online psychological consultation or psychotherapy

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For me

  • Build healthy relationships with loved ones
  • Learn to defend your boundaries
  • Gain inner harmony and get rid of anxiety
  • Accept yourself and become more confident
  • Recover your strength and find a source of energy
  • Finding yourself and determining your future path
  • Defeat procrastination and increase efficiency

Why choose us

Even after comparing all the offers on the market

We keep the price of your psychologist for 365 days

The platform's specialists regularly develop and subsequently raise the cost of the session, and Meclee fixes the price for you from the moment of the first meeting for 365 days

Session is 60 minutes

Every 6th consultation is free, because therapy on Meclee lasts 60 minutes, while in the community it is customary to hold a session for 50 minutes.

We save time on finding a psychologist who is compatible with you

We will find you an experienced expert who has:

  • Successful cases of solving your problem, he understands you
  • You share a similar worldview, you will quickly establish contact

Communicate with a specialist in a convenient location

Communication with your personal psychologist takes location in your personal account via video or chat. Works on all devices. Without installing additional programs

Easy recording, reminder, and rescheduling of sessions

  • We will send you an email with instructions after payment and remind you of the upcoming session an hour before it starts
  • If you change your plans, you can reschedule or cancel the session in your personal account, and the money will be returned to your card

Our therapists are selected in accordance with the standards of the European Association of Psychotherapy

They are also active in and members of professional communities

  • For me
  • For a couple
  • For a child
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